About John Williams

I was elected to represent the State of New South Wales and began my term in Canberra in July 2008.

I live in the New England region in Inverell, New South Wales and I have had experience both in farming and small business.

I am a firm believer in investing back into my community. With my experience I understand the problems and issues facing both farmers and small businesses in regional areas.

My vision for the years ahead includes suitable funding for country and coastal areas to ensure that necessary infrastructure is achieved.

Small business red tape should be cut to allow businesses to not only survive and compete but to grow and prosper.

Our elderly should be properly cared for with dignity and compassion.

To ensure that country health and dentistry is adequate and available to everyone.

We must ensure that our land and environment are left in a better condition to provide for the future generations.

I am the only Senator out of 15 new Senators who were sworn in on the 26 August 2008 who lives in a rural area. I feel that it is my duty to represent all of the state of New South Wales and especially the regional areas of our state to the best of my ability.