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Dear Sir,

I write in response to the headline “Shark net myth has been well and truly busted”. This follows the tabling of the Senate committee report into shark mitigation measures.

The inquiry was chaired by a Greens Senator so it is not surprising that the key recommendation was that shark nets be phased out. I would prefer to heed the advice of the Coalition Senators who served on the inquiry and in their comments they pointed out that in New South Wales and Queensland at the approximately 85 protected beaches only one death has resulted in the last 50 years. Yet the Greens and their supporters maintain that nets and drum lines don’t make beaches safe! As indicated in my comments in the report, I was staggered to hear two witnesses at the hearing in Byron Bay put the same value on an animal’s life as that of a human. These are the type of incomprehensible views that authorities have to combat as they seek to make the North Coast beaches safer by using tried and proven methods.      

Senator John Williams

Nationals Duty Senator for Richmond.

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