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Registered clubs in the New England and North West have been congratulated by the Nationals Senator for New South Wales John Williams for the service they give to their local communities.

Addressing the annual general meeting at Quirindi, Senator Williams said licensed clubs have had to continually adapt to changing government legislation without compromising on services.

He said members have a high level of expectation as do their local communities who rely on the clubs for donations, sponsorships and provision of facilities.

Amidst all this, the clubs continue to employ people, boost the local economy through the purchase of products like meat, vegetables and raffle prizes, and provide entertainment.

Senator Williams said he is aware of another role some clubs play.

“I was told by one club manager that some elderly people will sit in his club for several hours each day during the summer peak to avoid the heat.

Many also go to their club just for the company of others.

Club staff and their Boards are continually facing challenges but it is good to see they are as committed as ever to meeting them head-on”, Senator Williams said

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