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Australians have been waiting for the date, and now we know we will be going to the polls on the 7th of September.

Just two days after admitting they are hopeless economic managers and completely clueless on how to balance a budget, Labor could hide no more. 

The Nationals Senator for New South Wales John Williams says net and gross debt have increased every year under Labor  as they have wasted money on useless projects.

Senator Williams said that when people sit down in the next five weeks to consider the policies, they should cast they mind back to the waste of Grocerywatch, Fuel watch, the Building the Education Revolution, the tragic Pink Batts Scheme, the $6 billion blowout in the asylum seekers bill, and the revolving door of Ministers.

“Labor has panicked because they have no control of the budget or the economy.

Unemployment will rise, projected growth will fall and revenue is projected to be written down by $33 billion in 2016-17.

His solution is to put a tax on ordinary Australians bank deposits to make them pay for his government’s waste.

This is the man putting himself forward as your economic saviour!

The Liberal and National parties have proven they can build a strong economy and put money in the bank for the nation’s future.

It is a clear choice on the 7th of September”, Senator Williams said.


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